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Sheryl R. Furnari, Esq.
Sheryl & Morjieta
Morjieta Derisier, Esq.
Sheryl & Morjieta

Full Service Representation: If you have a specific case you need assistance with, at BayState Law Group, PLLC we can an assist you from start to finish. This includes filing and preparing your paper work, stategies, as well as court appearances when necessary. 

General Retainer Services:  We assist clients around multiple concerns ranging from family related issues to ongoing business interests and more.  With a retainer agreement, we can be your attorney on call.


Reduce Fee Represenation: BayState Law Group, PLLC provides assistance to low-income individuals that qualify. Based on state low-income guidelines, we can discuss reduce fee agreements. 

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR): This firm is certified by the Boston Municipal Court to give Limited Assistance Representation. This is when an attorney assists in only a part of the case: general advice, paper work, or a single appearance in court. This allows each client to hire an affordable attorney for their exact litigation needs, without requring a client to hire the attorney for the entire matter. 

Conciliation: If your family law case can use the help of an alternative dispute resolution, we are certified to provide conciliation services

Notary Public: The firm  provides notary services for important documents. 

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