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Practice Areas

BayState Law Group is a general practice with focuses in multiple area's of the law. Below is a helpful list of the type of cases handled by our firm, please note the list is not exhaustive. If you have an issue not listed below please inquire with our office to see if we can be of service, or provide the proper referral. 
Employment Law


* Unemployment Applications 


* Unemployment Benefits Review Hearings


* Unemployment Superior Court Appeals



Landlord/Tenant Law

​* Representation of Landlord


* Representation of Tenant


* Evictions


* Inhability Issues/ Repairs


* Lease Agreements


* Rent and Security Deposits


School Advocacy

​* School Discpline


* Student Evaulations


* I.E.P Review


* School Placement​

Family Law

* Adminstrative changes: Birth Certificates,  Names, Wedding Certificates, Social Security  Cards. 


* Child Welfare, Child Custody, Vistation, Child  Support, and Contempts of Such orders


* Paternity


* Domestic Violence / Restraining Order 209A


*Prenuptial Agreements


* Divorce: Uncontested or Contested


* Contempt of Orders


* Modification of Orders


* Guardianship


* Health Care Proxy


* Power of Attorney


* Wills


* Military Issues 



Real Estate

* Boston Zoning


* Commercial Leasing


* Construction


* Condominium


* Mortgages


* Residential Purchase and Sale

General Civil Litigation

​* Tort Claims


* Personal Injury


* Small Claims 


* Credit Card & Reports


* Collections

Business Law

​* Incorporation


* Formation/ Organization of all entities


* Non-Profit Certification


* Collections of Account Receivable


* Family Business

Criminal Law


* Restraining Orders


* Magistrate Hearing/ Clerk's hearing


* Police Interview


* Traffic Violations



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