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5 Legal Trends for Family Lawyers in 2021

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

In many ways, family law practices are just like any other business. They adapt over time to better serve the needs of their clients. These are the top trends you may see evidence of when you seek out a Boston lawyer to help with your legal needs.

1. Client-centered legal services.

Just as those in the healthcare field saw greater patient satisfaction when they pivoted to patient-centered care, more and more legal offices are offering service that is more client-centered.

Legal services company Clio reported in their latest Legal Trends Report that clients find the experience of working with their lawyer as important as the outcome of their case. By focusing on keeping clients informed and secure, lawyers can make the process of solving legal issues less intimidating.

2. More transparent pricing.

Uncertainties about the costs associated with legal services are one of the stumbling blocks that hold many people back from seeking legal help. A number of family law firms are addressing those concerns by offering more upfront and transparent pricing.

3. Virtual legal services.

The pandemic taught us that not everything requires an in-person meeting. Many family law clients are embracing the convenience of virtual consultations and meetings about legal services. You'll see more lawyers who offer video chat services in addition to in-person and phone meetings.

4. Digital legal documents.

Dealing with physical documents can be inconvenient. Because of this, more offices are finding ways that their clients can view, sign and transmit documents digitally instead.

Digital documents can also be easier for clients to keep track of. Instead of folders and stacks of papers, they can access what they need with a simple online search.

Look for more online billing services, as well. Clients will be able to view their bills and pay from either their computer or their favorite mobile device.

5. More client reviews and referrals.

It can be hard to figure out who you should choose for your important legal matters. Many law offices are seeking more reviews and client referrals. In fact, in a recent survey, law offices considered that one of their top keys to success.

As a client, this means that you can look at the experiences that others have had before choosing who you wish to have represent you. By seeing what it's been like for others to work with the family lawyer you are considering, you can get a better idea of which attorney best suits your preferences.

The practice of family law continues to change as new technologies become available and clients develop new expectations. Look for these and other services when you are choosing the right Boston lawyer for you.

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